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Comparative shopping? Note that the following “Does the price include…?” questions are slanted toward
Granite Countertops. However in most instances these questions also apply to Engineered Quartz and Solid
Surface countertops

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey.” John Ruskin


Catering to a discerning clientele, Rembrandt has built its stellar reputation on providing quality and
unequaled craftsmanship in all that it produces, while remaining competitively priced. Compared to the
big-box stores, Rembrandt is consistently less expensive without lowering its fabrication standards to equal

Rembrandt doesn’t sell its fabrication and installation services on price alone. In fact, if quality, affordability, and value are what you are looking for, contact Rembrandt. If “cheap” is what you are looking for, please go elsewhere.


Does the price include…?

  • Materials to Fabricate Project*
  • Tear-Out, Removal & Disposal
  • Measure & Template
  • Digitize Template & Create CAD Layout
  • Extensive Granite Color Selection
  • Photographing of Actual Granite Slabs to be used
  • CAD Overlay** Image for Client Approval – Before Cutting Slab
  • Convert CAD Drawing For CNC Slab Cutting
  • Laminate Edge Build-Up
  • CNC Edge Profile – How many Profiles are Standard
  • Water-Jet Sink & Faucet Holes
  • Hand Dress & Polish Raw Edges & Profiles
  • Include full 3/4" plywood under-deck (if required)
  • Mount Sink & Faucet (if required)
  • Installation


Rembrandt’s Quoted Price Includes ALL of the Above items when applicable.

ADDIDIONAL CHARGES - Typical additional charge items, when required and provided by Rembrandt

  • Plumbing Connection & Parts
  • Sink*** when provided by Rembrandt


*** Installation of Client provided Sink at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE

*MATERIALS – Rembrandt, without markup, passes its wholesale cost of materials onto its clients.

**CAD OVERLAY - ABOVE AND BEYOND (at no extra cost)

The Carpenter’s Creed is to measure twice and cut once. Rembrandt surpasses this age old axiom with its CAD Overlay step in producing each countertop. What is CAD Overlay? It is the creation of a colored virtual image of the client’s finished countertop by photographing the actual granite slab(s) that will be used for the countertop. The created colored digital image is cut, arranged, and placed into the Rembrandt created CAD drawing of that countertop. By doing so, Rembrandt gives the client one or more possible visual versions of how best to match the veining pattern of the selected granite. Thus, before making the first cut, Rembrandt’s client can see exactly how their countertop will actually look.

CAD Overlay is usually used when the selected granite is heavily veined and when multiple slabs of the stone are necessary to fabricate the countertops. There may be other exceptions to this statement, but Rembrandt may not always present its client with a CAD Overlay of their specific project.


DEFFINITION OF TERMS (Listed in the sequence of the manufacturing process)

Tear-Out, Removal & Disposal - As the term implies - the removal of the existing countertop and its disposal by Rembrandt.

Measure & Template - Rembrandt constructs each countertop from raw materials and not from pre-fabricated imported tops. Thus, each area is accurately measured and a physical template is constructed. 

Digitize Template & Create CAD Layout - The template is used to create the digitized data to begin the design process all the way through construction of the countertop.

Extensive Granite Color Selection* - Although Rembrandt does have some materials on hand, clients are free to choose any material from a wide selection of vendors and their extensive inventories. Rembrandt’s wholesale cost of material, without markup, is what Rembrandt charges the client.

Photographing of Actual Granite Slabs to be used - A digital image of the clients slabs are photographed and used in Rembrandt’s Virtualization process.

CAD Overlay** Image for Client Approval – Before Cutting Slab - Maximizing material usage will minimize cost but may produce an undesirable looking pattern. CAD Overlay eliminates the difference between expectation and results. What you see is what you will get. 

Using the photograph of the material that will be used for the countertop, Rembrandt is able to show the relationship of the slab’s pattern and colors. This is especially important where two surfaces are joined at a seam.

Convert CAD Drawing For CNC Slab Cutting - By using the digitized information created from the original template, the slab is cut with exacting precision. This eliminates the human error that too often happens when reading prints and hand measuring.

Laminate Edge Build-Up - Building code requires that 2cm and thinner granite slabs be fully supported by a sub-deck. The sub-deck elevates the countertop above the top of the cabinet by the sub-deck’s thickness. In order to hide the edge of the sub-deck material, a layer of granite is cut and bonded to the countertop edge. When 3cm granite is used, the need for the under-deck is eliminated as well as the need for the laminated edge.

CNC Edge Profile – How many Profiles are Standard - The raw vertical edge of the countertop is shaped and polished using a variety of shapes. Rembrandt offers a number of standard shapes plus several premium profiles.

Water-Jet Sink & Faucet Holes - Like the CNC cutting and shaping of the countertop, Rembrandt uses CNC controlled water-jet equipment to precisely cut holes into the countertop.

Hand Dress & Polish Raw Edges & Profiles - When the CNC cuts, shapes, and polished the raw edges of the countertop, there remains a visual transition between the edge profile and the top. Rembrandt invests that additional extra time and effort to eliminate any discontinuities in the countertop’s edge. Also, interior visible raw edges are polished and finished by hand. This process is referred to as Dressing and Polishing.

Include full 3/4" plywood under-deck - Rembrandt only uses 3/4" plywood for sub-deck on all installations where required. Rembrandt chooses not to use cheaper material, like particle board, as particle board will swell like a dry sponge contacting water. Should the under-decking become wet, swollen particle board can cause the countertop to crack whereas plywood will not stress the countertop. (Also, see comments in Laminate Edge Build-Up, above)

Mount Sink & Faucet (if required)





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