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HOWARD J. LEMBERG - President, New Business Development, & Sales
Graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration in the early 90's, Howard Lemberg majored in Business Operations Production Management (OPM). Lemberg demonstrated his entrepreneurial talents long before college graduation. He developed several businesses that he operated successfully until graduation. Following graduation, work in the relatively new and narrow field of OPM was scarce. After several short term positions, Lemberg found work with a mechanical contractor specializing in stainless steel kitchens, directing the manufacturing.

During his tenure, Lemberg met his future partner Russell Hooks. Through their working relationship in the stainless fabrication business they broke away and formed a business partnership that grew into Rembrandt Countertops. Lemberg runs the day-to-day sales and marketing, and oversees Rembrandt's operation.

RUSSELL W. HOOKS - Vice President, DiFieldrector of Facilities & Operations
After high school graduation, Russell Hooks attended Glendale Community College. Finding that college didn't offer the education he needed, Hooks left college before graduation. While working for others, he realized that he had more skills and knowledge than his employers. With a partner, Hooks opened his own construction business. All phases of construction are areas of expertise that he had acquired, beginning in his youth by learning from his journeyman electrician father. Partnership conflicts caused his business to end. Through his acquaintance with Howard Lemberg, he took a position at the stainless steel fabrication company where Lemberg worked.

Hooks possesses an innate ability to understand the workings of anything mechanical and electrical. He is able to apply his intuitive senses and mechanical abilities to conceptualize, create, solve, modify, and/or repair most physical structures and machinery.

BARBARA E. LEMBERG - Vice President, Credit Manager
Barbara Lemberg attended Arizona State University until her marriage to Milton. Returning to the workforce, after her children were in school, she managed the payables and receivables in her and Milton's business until it was sold in the early 80's. Volunteering her time to a local chapter of a national service organization, Lemberg rose to its presidency. Under her presidential guidance, she took her chapter from about 600 members to over 900 members, raised and surpassed her chapter's financial goals, and won chapter of the year over several hundred chapters nationally.

With the creation of Rembrandt, Lemberg left her volunteer work to work with her family in the newly created business. Lemberg brings to the company her organizational and people skills.

MILTON B. LEMBERG - Secretary/Treasurer
Graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Engineering in the early 60's, Milton Lemberg began his professional career working on the Saturn 5 rocket engines for the Apollo space program. The frustrations and politics of "big" corporations altered the course of his career. After enrolling in a postgraduate degree program at UCLA's School of Engineering, he left the program to further his education in business development and management.

Leaving the corporate world, he returned to his roots running a small family manufacturing company that he had worked for, while in school. Eventually he acquired the business, changed its name and direction, and built it from a local company with twelve employees into a national company with over sixty-five employees. Along the way he incorporated his engineering knowledge with his creative talents and became a pioneer in the development of the 'membrane' (flat panel touch) switch. These switching devices have gained wide acceptance as control panel switching units and are used in a myriad of commercial products today. In the early 80's, Lemberg sold his corporation to a publicly traded international corporation who wanted the membrane technology he had developed. For a brief period after the sale, he remained with the company as a consultant and technical advisor.

Between the sale of his corporation and the creation of Royal Stone®, Rembrandt's sister company, Lemberg extended and expanded his expertise in the areas of new product development, sales, marketing, real estate, securities, and finance. The sum total of his professional experiences has contributed to the advancement of Rembrandt. Lemberg continues to engineer and design shower pans and oversee the sales and marketing of Royal Stone®, and lends his creative talent to Rembrandt's marketing.

Stone Division
    JASON CLECKNER      - General Manager, 7 years
    RAPHAEL SILVA         -  Assistant Fabrication Supervisor, 9 years
Solid Surface Division
    EDWIN CRUZ              -  Solid Surface Fabrication Supervisor, 9 years
Plant Facilities
    MO MURPHY                -  Lead Maintenance Supervisor, 9 years
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