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                                           Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks 

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials.  A few of the popular styles of kitchen sinks include single, double, and triple bowl, surface or undermounted sinks, sinks with and without areas for soap and faucet holes, and more.  Unique kitchen sinks include farmer’s sinks, hammered copper sinks, etc.  A few kitchen sinks are shown below.

Vanity sink styles are also very diverse.  A vanity bowl is usually a single bowl that is incorporated into a countertop, and is undermounted, or surface mounted.  Decorative vessel vanity sinks are becoming more popular.  They offer a broad variety of shapes, materials, and unique looks.  Some vanity tops will have multiple bowls.  A few vanity sinks are shown below.

Sinks are made from and are available in quartz, porcelain, cast iron, stainless steel, solid surface, glass, and other materials.  Like countertop materials, each sink has its pluses and minuses.

Stocked Sinks

Rembrandt stocks a limited number of stainless steel kitchen sinks and porcelain vanity sinks.  As styles continually vary, Rembrandt recommends a visit to its Showroom to view the currently available choices.  Below are shown the several sinks the Rembrandt normally has available.


Stock Porcelain Sink:                White, 15” x 12” x 6” Undermount
Stock Stainless Steel Sink:        50-50, 2 Compartment each 14.75” x 16” x 9” Undermount
Stock Stainless Steel Sink:        60-40, Left Sink 15.5” x 18.5” x 9” and
                                                Right Sink 13.5” x 16.5” x 7” Undermount
Stock Solid Surface Sink:          White, 15.75” x 11.75” x 5.75” Integral

If Rembrandt’s stock sinks do not meet the client’s needs or wants, the client is encouraged to visit Rembrandt’s wholesale trade partners or any other source and select whatever sink they choose.

Sink Mounting Positions

All types of sinks can be mounted in one of two positions.  Either a Surface Mounted (Drop-In) or an Undermount orientation is possible depending on how the sink was intended to be installed.  Integral sink installation is limited to Solid Surface sinks.  Below, the three configurations are illustrated.



Surface & Undermounted Sinks

Regardless of individual preference in sink styles, shapes, and materials, there are two types of countertop sink installations – Undermounted and Surface Mounted.  A sub-category of undermounted is the integral solid surface sink option.    

Sink Hole Cut-Outs

Sink Holes are of two types: Surface Mounted (aka Drop-In) and Undermount.  In either case, there is no build up at the edge of the countertop opening.  Drop-In openings are not polished and the cut edge is as it is produced by the CNC waterjet Rembrandt uses to cut sink holes.  Similarly holes for the faucet, soap dispenser, and other small holes are not polished.  Sink Holes cut for undermounted sinks have a polished edge and the edge is eased.

As more labor is required to produce a finished undermounted sink hole than for a drop-in, the undermount charge is somewhat higher than the drop-in charge.  When a sink hole is required, Rembrandt will cut up to 3 faucet holes per sink into the countertop at no additional charge.  More than three holes per sink will be charged per hole.

Surface Mounted Sinks (aka Drop-In Sinks)

As its name implies, Surface Mounted sinks are installed on top of the countertop surface.  With this type of installation, the accuracy of the sink cut-out is not as important as with the Undermount sink.  Since the sink being used will “drop” into the opening cut into the countertop, it covers up any inaccuracies in the cut-out opening.

Vessel & Decorative Sinks

Vessel and decorative sinks are a sub-category of surface mounted sinks.  Although the opening in the countertop is generally much smaller than the standard drop-in sink, this cut-out is left as it is produced by the CNC waterjet.  Vessel sinks are gaining popularity in upscale residential installations and the shapes and their materials offer many choices.

Undermounted Sinks

As its name implies, Undermounted sinks are installed below the countertop surface.  With Granite, Natural Stone, Engineered Quartz, Recycled Glass & Cement, and Other Recycled & Hybrid Products the sink hole is made slightly smaller than the sink opening and the countertop overhangs the sink opening.

For these materials, most other fabricators make the sink cut-out with existing shop templates or from the sink manufacturer’s provided digitized templates.  The result is that for Undermount sink installations, the granite overhang may not be uniform.  Rembrandt always electronically digitizes the opening of the actual sink to be used, to assure a uniform overhang of the countertop material.

Integral Sinks

One of the many unique characteristics of solid surface countertops is its ability to incorporate an integral undermounted solid surface sink.  Unlike other undermounted sinks, this installation eliminates an overhang between the countertop material and the sink.  The benefit is that there is no space underneath the countertop material that overhangs the sink to trap dirt, mold, or other unwanted contaminates.

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