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About Rembrandt Countertops


Integrity, reliability, exceptional quality, service, attention to detail, and affordability are the hallmarks of Rembrandt Countertops. Serving Arizona since 1996, Rembrandt has built its reputation on going "above and beyond" to achieve what its name implies - "striving toward perfection".

Rembrandt specializes in the fabrication and installation of granite, engineered quartz also known as engineered stone (Silestone, Zodiaq, LG Viaterra, Hanstone, etc.) and solid surface (Staron, Corian, LG Hi-Macs, Avonite, etc.). Rembrandt also offers cast, one-piece solid surface shower pans and fabricates and installs shower and tub surrounds.

Our Philosophy

Having a large number of people doesn't make a company. Having the right people in the right places with the right attitude sets Rembrandt apart from the typical fabrication facility.

Each of its principals contributes different talents that combined, have created the base Rembrandt was built upon. In addition, Rembrandt has built its "smart guy" core of individually talented key personnel. Most of the leadership core has been with the company for five or more years.

There is no project that is too large or too small for Rembrandt to competently handle.



Rembrandt humbly began in the carport of one of its founders in 1996. Since inception, Rembrandt has grown into a multi-million dollar company; housed in a modern 30,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art CNC controlled manufacturing equipment and a staff of more than 30 employees. Rembrandt's focus is to continue its growth through fabrication (and installation as requested) for commercial and residential contractors and for individual homeowners. Currently, commercial fabrication represents about 90% of Rembrandt's volume. The balance is direct residential projects.

Incorporated as Rembrandt Countertops, Inc., it does business as Rembrandt Countertops and as Granite Picture Frames by Rembrandt. Rembrandt holds a general contractors' license in both residential and commercial work and is licensed and bonded. When required, it can obtain a performance bond for large residential and commercial projects.

In conjunction with the installation of countertops and/or showers, should plumbing, minor electrical, wall removal and replacement, etc. be required, Rembrandt has the expertise on staff to properly do the work.

Rembrandt specializes in the fabrication of granite, engineered quartz and solid surface for counter tops, shower pans and tub and shower surrounds, and specialty items like one-piece granite picture frames. There is no project that is too large or too small for Rembrandt to competently handle.


Rembrandt Personnel


HOWARD J. LEMBERG - President, New Business Development, & Sales

Graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration in the early 90's, Howard Lemberg majored in Business Operations Production Management (OPM). Lemberg demonstrated his entrepreneurial talents long before college graduation. He developed several businesses that he operated successfully until graduation. Following graduation, work in the relatively new and narrow field of OPM was scarce. After several short term positions, Lemberg found work with a mechanical contractor specializing in stainless steel kitchens, directing the manufacturing.

During his tenure, Lemberg met his future founding partner Russell Hooks. Through their working relationship in the stainless fabrication business they broke away and formed a business partnership that grew into Rembrandt Countertops. Lemberg runs the day-to-day sales and marketing, and oversees Rembrandt's operation.

IRA B. LEMBERG - Vice President, Purchasing, Sales, Customer Service Representative, & Estimating

Graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration in the latter part of the 80's, Ira Lemberg (Howard's brother) acquired a retail business. From its very modest beginning the business was relocated to a major strip shopping center and grown to a dominant force in the college market, it catered to. After selling his business in the late 90's, Lemberg became one of the founders of Royal Stone® Industries, Inc., Rembrandt's sister company, and assumed the position to head its manufacturing. When Royal Stone® relocated its primary manufacturing facility, outside of Arizona, Lemberg moved his full time focus to Rembrandt.

BARBARA E. LEMBERG - Vice President, Credit Manager

Barbara Lemberg attended Arizona State University until her marriage to Milton. Returning to the workforce, after her children were in school, she managed the payables and receivables in her and Milton's business until it was sold in the early 80's. Subsequently, she volunteered her time to a local chapter of a national service organization, Lemberg rose to its presidency. Under her presidential guidance, she took her chapter from about 600 members to over 900 members, raised and surpassed her chapter's financial goals, and won the large chapter of the year over several hundred chapters nationally.

With the creation of Rembrandt, Lemberg left her volunteer position to work with her family in the newly created business. Lemberg brings to the company her vast experience, along with her financial, organizational, management, and people skills.

MILTON B. LEMBERG - Secretary/Treasurer

Graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Engineering in the early 60's, Milton Lemberg began his professional career working on the Saturn 5 rocket engines for the Apollo space program.

Leaving the corporate world, he returned to his roots running and owning a small family manufacturing company that he grew into a multi-million dollar national company with over sixty-five employees. Between the sale of his corporation and the creation of Royal Stone®, Rembrandt's sister company, Lemberg extended and expanded his expertise in the areas of new product development, sales, marketing, real estate, securities, and finance.

The sum total of Lemberg’s professional experiences has contributed to the advancement of Rembrandt. Lemberg continues to engineer and design shower pans and oversee the sales and marketing of Royal Stone®, and lends his creative talent to Rembrandt's product development and marketing.


RUSSELL W. HOOKS – Founder & Director of Facilities & Field Operations. Since 1996

After high school graduation, Russell Hooks attended Glendale Community College. Finding that college didn't offer the education he needed, Hooks left college before graduation. While working for others, he realized that he had more skills and knowledge than his employers.

With a partner, Hooks opened his own construction business. All phases of construction are areas of expertise that he had acquired, beginning in his youth by learning from his journeyman electrician father. Partnership conflicts caused his business to end. Through his acquaintance with Howard Lemberg, he took a position at the stainless steel fabrication company where Lemberg worked. From there Hooks became one of the founders of Rembrandt.

Hooks possesses an innate ability to understand the workings of anything mechanical and electrical. He is able to apply his intuitive senses and mechanical abilities to conceptualize, create, solve, modify, and/or repair most physical structures and machinery.

Stone Division

JASON CLECKNER – General Manager. Since 2001

Cleckner began his career at the age of 9 working alongside his brothers in their father’s construction business. In early 2001, while working on a construction project at Rembrandt’s facility, he impressed the principals, and as it is said – the rest is history. Since 2001 he has grown through the ranks of the company and has risen to General Manager, just under Howard.

Cleckner possesses the innate ability to conceptualize three dimensionally as well as think through a job before beginning it. His leadership and ability have given Rembrandt a trusted leader and key employee.

RAPHAEL SILVA – Assistant Stone Fabrication Supervisor. Since 1998

Silva’s first job out of high school was working as a manufacturing assistant for Royal Stone®. His integrity and commitment to producing a quality product and desire to learn provided the opportunity to advance within the company. Upon Royal Stone’s change in manufacturing direction at the end of 2007, Silva continued his tenure with Rembrandt. His knowledge, dedication, and strong work ethic have advanced him to a key hands-on leadership role.

Solid Surface Division

JUAN TORRES – Solid Surface Fabrication Supervisor. Since 1999

Prior to joining Rembrandt, Torres developed his extensive fabrication and installation knowledge under the tutelage of Rembrandt’s now retired (2012) lead fabricator and solid supervisor, Edwin Cruse. Like Cruse, Torres’ hands-on experience, beginning in the late 80’s, has given him extensive experience and expertise in all phases of fabrication and installation of solid surface.


MIKE McDONNELL – Estimating & Sales. Since 2012

As a new member of Rembrandt’s “Smart Guys”, McDonnell brings over 14 years of varying trade experience, including work as a Project Manager & CAD Design, to the team.


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