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The Fabrication Process
Licensed Boned & Insured
Service Area
Background Checks

Welcome Contractors

Currently 85%+ of Rembrandt’s business volume is fabrication and installation for Contractors, Millwork Shops, Builders and various
other Trades. Rembrandt’s personnel not only have the skill and ability to produce high quality work meeting the most demanding
challenges, they also have obtained clearance to work in high security, restricted facilities such as Intel and Sky Harbor International Airport.


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  • Quality, Reliability, and On Time Delivery

  • Licensed with the Arizona ROC and is Bonded

  • Installation Crews have Security Clearance

  • No Project is Too Large or Too Small

  • Covers Arizona plus Out of State as required

The Fabrication Process

Regardless of the size of a project, Rembrandt follows a highly structured process to insure total accurate communication with
the client, throughout the fabrication and installation of the project.

  1. After receipt of drawings, DXF files or templates, Rembrandt creates an electronic file that will be used throughout the
    fabrication phase.

  2. Once the digitized drawings are created, Rembrandt photographs the actual slabs and places the digitized image into the
    digitized drawing. This extra step, Rembrandt calls Virtualization (Virtual Imaging and Visualization). It enables the client
    to see how the stone’s veining transitions at the seams, and form each section of the slab or from bookmarked slabs.
    [ Click Here for Virtualization ]

  3. Once the client approves the digitized drawings, the files are sent to the CNC machines for processing.

  4. After the initial CNC machining is done, the materials moves to the CNC water-jet for internal cutouts when applicable.

  5. From the CNC water-jet, the materials move to the lamination area. Trained technicians carefully select and position the
    buildup material in order to maximize color and pattern continuity between layers.

  6. The material progresses to either the Inline or 2D CNC machines for profiling and polishing.

  7. Once all of the CNC machining is done, the material moves to the touch-up polishing area. Another group of Rembrandt’s
    highly skilled technicians grind and polish out any ridges left from profiling and dresses the seam edges.

  8. After final inspection and physically comparing the actual sized working template to the finished product, the project is
    ready for delivery or installation.


Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Rembrandt Countertops, Inc. is licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors under license numbers ROC #196977 and
ROC #138746, and is bonded. Since formation, Rembrandt has never had a complaint filed against it by the AROC.

Whenever required, Rembrandt has obtained whatever type bond necessary to satisfy the requirements of the construction
project. Since inception, Rembrandt has never been denied a bond by an accredited bonding company.

Rembrandt currently carries a $2,000,000 general liability policy. When requested, Rembrandt’s insurer will provide proof
of insurance and name the specific contractor and project under its insurance.
















Service Area

Rembrandt primarily covers the state of Arizona with fabrication and installation. When requested, Rembrandt has the ability
to manage and install work anywhere in the country or wherever the project requires.




























Background Checks

With a heightened need for maintaining tight security at various facilities in this country, it is becoming increasingly necessary
to work with companies like Rembrandt who have the skilled personnel to do the required work and also have the ability to
pass background checks. To this end, Rembrandt had passed vigorous screening requirements, and has worked in high security, restricted facilities at Sky Harbor International Airport, Intel, Motorola, Luke Air Force Base, etc., and even at Sheriff “Joe’s”
personal residence.


























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