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Selecting Engineered Stone takes knowledge of what to look for. The following information is intended to enlighten the novice as well as the experienced person as to what to look for when physically selecting engineered stone slabs for your project.

1   Like other materials used for countertops, engineered stone has a moderate range of pricing. It can range from somewhat more expensive than inexpensive granites to moderately priced granites plus its cost will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. As cost is always a primary consideration, knowing what the engineered stone cost, or what price group it is in, could save time in the selection process.

2   As engineered stone is manufactured, it inherently is consistent in its finish but does vary in color within each slab as well as from slab to slab. Close inspection of each slab, preferably in bright sunlight, will identify any inconsistency in color. Viewing multiple slabs side by side will identify the uniformity of color between slabs.

3   To assure consistency in the engineered stone, Rembrandt conducts a rigorous inspection process when material is received from the distributor.
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