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Sink Holes are of two types: Drop-In and Undermount. In either case, there is no build up at the edge of the opening. Drop-In openings are not polished and the cut edge is as it comes off of the waterjet Rembrandt uses to cut sink holes. Similarly holes for the faucet, soap dispenser, and other small holes are not polished. Sink Holes cut for undermounted sinks have a polished edge and the edge is eased.

As more labor is required to produce a finished undermounted sink hole than for a drop-in, therefore the undermount charge is higher than the drop-in charge. When a sink hole is required, Rembrandt will cut up to 3 faucet holes at no additional charge. More than three holes per sink will be charged per hole.
Rembrandt's Standard Premium Grade includes digitizing undermount sinks to ensure a more uniform overhang at the sink opening. It also provides the cutting of faucet holes in a variety of hole locations without additional cost.
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