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                                           Why Choose  Rembrandt?

1) Since 1996, Rembrandt has maintained a pristine record with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and has approaching over 10,000 installations throughout Arizona. Additi onally, it maintains liability insurance on all size
projects and it is bonded and able to provide a performance bond on large projects, when required.

_______ROC License numbers: Residential # 138746 -or- Commercial # 196977

2) Rembrandt’s 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is dedicated to the fabrication of stone, quartz, and solid surface.  Applications include:  Countertops, Showers, Mirror Frames, Art Frames, Tables, Signage, Conference Tables, and one-of-a-kind works of art.

3) Rembrandt provides a visual virtual colored picture of your project before it takes a blade to your material. 
The visual image is referred to as a CAD Overlay (Computer Aided Design superimposed over a photo of the
project’s material). 

4) Rembrandt has thrived and grown through its reputation and word of mouth despite the economy. 
Rembrandt’s hallmark is its unmatched attention to detail, quality, and reliability, coupled with its price.

5) Rembrandt’s clients have total control over the level of their service – From picking up a ready to install
countertop to Rembrandt’s complete custom fabrication and installation that could include reconnection of the

6) All bids and estimates are FREE.  A firm quoted price is usually provided within 48 hours (2 working days).
Rembrandt prefers to receive electronic drawings of the project but a rough draft, even on a kitchen napkin, will
do.  Also, when requested, Rembrandt will come to the project site, do a take-off, and provide material guidance
and pricing.

7) Rembrandt considers all that it produces as an individual work of art.  This includes everything from the Exotic materials and installations to the Budget Minded projects. 

8) Rembrandt's factory adheres to strict environmental regulations meeting or exceeding national standards.  Rembrandt thinks “Green”.  It reuses as much of its resources that are reusable, including the recycling of the water used in manufacturing.  All water used in its manufacturing is never dumped into the city sewer system.  The water is recycled until it is consumed through evaporation into the atmosphere.

To minimize waste materials going to landfills, Rembrandt recycles these waste elements into salable finished products,
like its line of picture frames.  SEE Picture Frames

Countertops & Baths
CountertopsBath rooms  

Residential -
Since Rembrandt’s beginning it has installed thousands of countertops throughout the Arizona area.  Rembrandt has built its business on word-of-mouth referrals from its long list of over 6,000 satisfied clients.  Wherever you live, chances are Rembrandt has done work for your neighbor. Rembrandt’s attention to detail and it's clients needs and wants, has earned Rembrandt it's unsurpassed reputation for providing uncompromising quality, workmanship, and reliability, at a competitive cost. If you would like a referral in your area, call Rembrandt for more information...

Commercial Projects

Directly or indirectly, Rembrandt has fabricated Granite, Engineered Quartz, and/or Solid Surface for Medical office’s, Hospitals, Municipalities, Corporate office’s, Hotel’s, Bars, Restaurants, Schools, Airports, Dealerships, Franchises,  Look at our list of completed jobs.
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