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Rembrandt produces ONLY one level of fabrication quality - Premium Grade verses what most other fabricators provide - Builder Grade. Many times the consumer isn't offered a choice and isn't even aware that there are different levels of quality available.

The major difference between the two quality levels is the limited handwork done to enhance sloppy hand fabrication or to enhance the CNC machining and polishing of profiles, tightness of buildup seams, and matching of the stone's graining pattern. In addition, Builder's Grade can be limited by certain design features and choices.

Builder Grade    

Builder Grade is an industry-wide accepted level of quality and workmanship where granite and other natural stone is widely used in moderate to upper level new home construction. The simplest way to describe Builder Grade is to understand that Builder Grade sacrifices hand work for high production fabrication.

Builder Grade fabrication may or may not be done with CNC machines. CNC machines are capable of producing consistent quality machining of countertops but fall short on touch-up, hand workmanship and attention to detail. Typically, "bargain" priced granite countertops are imported from Asia and exemplify the lowest end of Builder Grade quality.

Rembrandt uses its state-of-the-art CNC machines on all of its fabrication from high production to one-of-a-kind creations without sacrificing quality.
As Builder Grade is intended to produce an acceptable quality product at a more affordable price, the following Builder Grade characteristics include:
1   Maximizing the yield from each stone slab. Choosing a stone with the minimum amount of veining and dramatic color variations, minimizes the discontinuity of the stone's pattern. Thus, Builder Grade usually offers a limited selection of stone colors.

2   There is no Bookmarking option with Builder Grade. Usually a greater number of slabs are required, which reduces the yield and increases the cost.

3   When the front edge of the countertop is built-up with a bonded layer, the facing surfaces are not ground to assure a tight fit. As thickness variations occur in the quarried slab, bonded seams may be somewhat more visible than with Rembrandt's Standard Premium Grade construction.

4   The bonding epoxy used for lamination is not tinted to match the stone's basic color. Builder Grade uses one clear adhesive for all stones regardless of its color. Thus, bonded seams may be somewhat more visible than with Rembrandt's Standard Premium Grade.

5   When seams are required, Builder Grade countertops generally will have more seams than Rembrandt's Standard Premium Grade. With Builder Grade expect a seam at every interior corner.

6   Builder Grade does not allow the use of Curved Shapes, Interior and Exterior Radius Corners, or any other conditions that would require cutting by hand or on a waterjet, and that would require profiling by hand or on a two dimensional stone profiling CNC machine.

7   No profiling handwork or polishing handwork is done on Builder Grade.

8  Sink cut-outs are not custom fitted to the specific sink being used. Cut-outs are done with existing shop templates or from the sink manufacturer's provided digitized templates. The result is that for undermount sink installations, the granite overhang may not be uniform.

9   Cutting of stone may cause some of the stone's crystals or minerals to loosen and break away from the cut edge. Builder Grade does not repair nor grind these voids. Rembrandt's Standard Premium Grade does polish and repair major chip voids should they occur.
Rembrandt's standard Premium Grade
As the name implies, Rembrandt's Standard Premium Grade elevates Builder Grade to a much higher quality level. In fact, all of the above enumerated items not typically done or offered with Builder Grade are included as standard with Rembrandt's Standard Premium Grade. These features are what make Rembrandt's Standard Premium Gradea higher quality product. In addition, it offers the opportunity to create unique, one-of-a-kind, customized countertops.
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